Morgan Robinson

Morgan in a nutshell- I have an unreal love for my basset hound Sadie. I sing in the car but not in the shower. I embrace my passion for large tacky jewelry because I know it was inherited from my Nana. Oh wait, you want my professional credits…sigh… I’ve been proclaimed a media magnet.  Why? Because I always find a way to get a premier spot for my clients in local media (Print, Radio and TV) and know the ins and outs of journalism (and journalists). 

I hold a degree in Public Relations, Communications, Organizational Communications and Public Speaking (I kind of loved college), I put these skills to use every day working for YOU and having fun doing it!  I have a passion for writing, coaching, public speaking and branding. is my brainchild and I love to feature creative projects, community events and activities and most of all, our CLIENTS!